The Truth Is Out There, But Intentionally Hidden From Us

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

September 2023

   Everyone of us was forced to go to school, where they taught us what they wanted us to know.  Who are the “they?”  The government.  Well... in a way, but the government is run by the “controllers.”  The super rich that control the world, or try to.  

   We are supposed to believe what they tell us through the media, but just like through the school system, much of it is lies, but we have been programed, so most of us eat it up.  They programed me to think Lincoln was this great president.  However, when you stop and think, contemplate, what is so great about disobeying the Constitution and starting a civil war?  The South had every right to secede from the union, as does every state to this day, but the might of the federal government will not allow it, even if we lose many thousands of our own citizens, on both sides.  Did you ever think, contemplate that fact?  I didn’t.  We weren’t programed that way.  We were programed to only remember.  Read your lesson, and be tested, and if you remembered it really well you were considered “smart,”  never questioning whether it was true and you were “remembering” a lie.

   I’ve written about this before, but it won’t hurt to refresh your me ...

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