Christian Missionaries Assaulted, Arrested and Standing Trial — In Montana

  Jesse Boyd, his teenage daughter, Bethany and Eric Trent of North Carolina along with Carter Phillips of Missouri, are Christian missionaries who were assaulted in Madison County, Montana for carrying a cross and arrested for being Christians. They are all charged with “Felony Assault With A Weapon” and are being forced to stand trial for defending themselves with great restraint against an unprovoked attack and in complete accordance with Montana law.   

   Jesse is a Bible-believing, God-fearing man who loves his wife and three children. As a family, the Boyds have served the Lord for the past 20 years as Christian missionaries sent out by the local Baptist church in North Carolina. They have lived, traveled and labored in more than 40 countries, including some very remote and dangerous places like Nepal, India, Tibet, Bangladesh and Argentina in South America, as well they distributed Bibles in Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim areas without any violence or incident. In 2021, Jesse was led to pick up a cross and walk across the United States, from sea to shining sea, to pray for his country and encourage his fellow countrymen to humble themselves before God. Jesse’s teenage daughter Bethany, joined by another Bible-believing, God-fearing family man, Eric Trent who has served the Lord with his wife and small children in different places around the world since 2017, started out on March 1, 2021 walking with their cross and ...

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