Will the Great Reset Usher In the Great Deception?

September  2023

   When I listen to the ‘good side’ making claims of a Great Awakening and ‘our side is gaining while their side is losing,’ I don’t see it that way.  I see the angel of light God warned us about in 2 Corinthians 11:14-15.

   Why?  Since being woken up to Satan’s use of dialectics, the ‘evil versus less evil’ dialectic is one of the most powerful deceptive tactics employed by him and demonstrates he has two sides, just like a coin.

   What are dialectics?  Dialectics are deceptive tools used to get us thinking about things in an “evil vs. less evil” paradigm, where both sides ignore God, although they often reference God and being the “light.”  The method uses perceived opposing forces meant to deceive us.  Dialectics can be either exoteric (easily seen/common) or esoteric (not public/hidden).  Satan masterfully uses the Hegelian Dialectic model (problem/reaction/solution) to deceive us to look to man’s ways and ignore God.  God’s way is always outside of these paradigms.


• Liberal/Conservative – dialectic = government saves

• CNN/Newsmax – dialectic = get truth from TV

• Woman’s right to choose/no abortion, except for … – dial ...

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