Come Walk With Us (Part 19)

September 2023

   We had just finished another long stretch of walking and had covered almost 100 miles in the past ten days. We needed a good place to rest for the weekend and the quiet little town we were in had a park at the edge of town that looked like a great place to rest. The weekend was filled with wonderful blessings of fellowship, great food, and the first real opportunity we have had to help someone in spiritual need.

   Two men came to say hello and asked if they could visit for a while. We invited them over and immediately realized one of them was drunk. Tom is an alcoholic and Chuck is a young friend who is trying, in his own way, to help him. They stayed until around 5:00 PM. Harry was able to talk to Tom about the Lord and prayed with him before he and Chuck left. 

   Shortly after Tom and Chuck pulled away, a county sheriff’s car pulled up. Our first thought was, “The police saw us talking to these men and they are going to question us.” We have a tendency to jump to wild conclusions. The friendly officer was checking to see if we were in need of anything or having trouble of some kind and also asked how long we planned to stay. It seems they have a one-night stay limit. We explained what we are doing and that we were hoping to rest until Monday morning. The officer was understanding and told us they won’t enforce the one night stay and to ...

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