How Does God Guide You In Making Hard Decisions?

September 2023

   “I talk to Him and ask Him what to do and what college to go to,” says Abraham, 8. “God helps me make a decision like if I should hit my brother.”

   Decisions, decisions. If you’d like to enter college in one piece, you would be wise to refrain from hitting your brother. Hit mine instead. Just kidding.

   “One day I wanted to beat up my sister, but God told me not to do it,” says Jonathan, 8.

   I’m glad you listened, Jonathan. Never, ever hit a girl. Don’t even think about it. Some boys who hit girls grow into men who hit women. I hesitate to use the word “men” because real men don’t hit women. Only cowards resort to this kind of violence.

   If you want to make life easier for yourself, decide in advance to follow God’s standards. Then when occasions arise, there will be fewer things to decide. You can act without hesitation upon your convictions. In a culture where morality is relative, you’ll have to swim against the stream. Just make sure your convictions are biblically based.

   “When I had a new dog, I had to choose if I wanted to keep him or give him away,” says Ambee, 11. “I had a pool in the back yard, so he didn’t have any room to play. So that night, God told me to give him t ...

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