The Consequences Of Thanklessness

October 2023

   Have you taken a look at our society and wondered, “How did we ever get to this point?  How did we drift so far off course?  How did we ever let slide into our homes, our churches, and our nation the very things exhibited today?”

   Consider where we are:

   Morally we have sunk to lows never before seen as a nation.  Public and school libraries are increasing their holdings which promote aberrant sexual deviancy.  Drag shows once confined to adult-only nightclubs are now declared “family-friendly” and are in full display in parks, farmers markets, schools, pre-school library time, restaurants, and yes, even in some churches.

   Media and entertainment have latched onto being allies and promoters of abnormal lifestyles filling their airtime to promulgate perversion.

   Parents once having confidence in schools and sports programs are now having to devote their time fighting battles before boards to protect their daughters from biological boys who desire to identify as “girls” and parade themselves in restrooms and locker rooms.

   Over 65 million pre-born babies have been killed in our country with many people thirsting to see these numbers escalate.  Chemical abortions are off the charts and the floodgates are open in many states to ac ...

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