Hamas’ Attack on Israel Is Puzzling

October 2023

   I am being asked about the Israeli-Palestine conflict, which seems to be taking attention away from the Ukraine-Russia conflict.  People, by which I mean people who pay attention, are wondering why the Palestinians would attack Israel like this as it provides Netanyahu with an excuse to grab the remaining bits of Palestine and destroy the Gaza strip, thus disposing of  the two-state solution by conquest.  Who can blame Israel after Palestinians killed Israelis and took hostages?  

   I have heard the official explanation of Palestinian perfidy, but I don’t have an explanation for the attack. It seems it would have to be more than perfidy.  I do agree with readers that it seems a curious thing for Hamas to do as it plays into Israel’s hands.  I also agree that there is something else strange about the attack. How did drones and so many rockets, allegedly from Iran, and some say Ukraine, get into the Gaza strip, and how did the Hamas attackers get into Israel?

   The Hamas attack has something of  9/11’s flavor.  Just as every aspect of the US National Security State failed simultaneously on September 11, 2001, Israel’s security system, including the Iron Dome the US constructed for Israel, simultaneously failed.  Mysteriously, the Hamas fighters entered Israel on the ground and through the air and on th ...

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