Our Amazing God Revealed in Scripture

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

October 2023

      Does this ring a bell with you? : “... No truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of GOD in the land. By swearing and lying and killing and stealing and committing adultery, they break out and blood touches blood” —  Hosea 4:1b,2. And in 4:6a, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge ...” 

   The core of all evil in this world goes back to a failure to heed the word of GOD. It is the first Biblical moral lesson; when Adam and Eve failed to listen, evil began. Again and again, that story plays out as in Hosea’s day. All the woes of evil we see at present can be traced back to Bible critics many years ago. 

   In the last issue of WCN, I addressed that idea. I pray the publisher will graciously allow me to continue: because when every home in this once-great nation had a Bible that was read and reverenced as The Word of GOD, children didn’t have “drag queen story time” and they didn’t bring guns to school to slaughter fellow students. Many pick up trucks in the parking lot, when I went to high school had gun racks in the rear windows with rifles and shotguns on full display. The thought of them being used to shoot me never crossed my mind. The Bible, however had been effectively banned, and that sowed the seed for all ...

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