We Only Have One Chance To Make It Right

October 2023

   The other day I was speaking with a person I’ve known most of my life, and he asked me if I could go back in time and live my life again, what would change? You would think this would be a question from someone who has maybe suffered and now contemplates how much better life would have been if different decisions had been made. However, this person has been very blessed with a nice family, decent health, and more wealth than they will ever be able to spend. It’s true that many people are just never satisfied and often even a great life is not really appreciated. Instead of thanking God for all the good things we have, some will spend their lives daydreaming about a life that could have been. The truth is, they would still not be satisfied. Jesus is the only Person in heaven and earth that can give true peace and contentment, whatever the situation.

   With fantasizing about this, I’ve heard others say the only way they would possibly even consider going back is if they could know what they know now. Good point, as I realize that going back for a do-over without this knowledge would risk making even more mistakes and being worse off than the first time. Even as a young man making foolish choices, I still believe that God was with me and was trying to guide me into the life that He wanted me to live. But what makes us think a second chance would be the charm? We learn and develo ...

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