The Summer 2023 trip to Kenya and Uganda

October 2023

  When it was decided that WILD would again have a summit this year, I toyed with the idea of going. I considered it, I prayed about whether it would be something that God would want me to be a part of, I talked with my wife about it.  All three areas of preparation seemed to direct me that going with ID Mike Prom would be a good thing. Then when other people’s plans changed, it was Molly that encouraged me to travel with Mike during the preliminary training of trainers (TOT) meetings as well as the summit.   

Kenya – TOT
   I really did not know what to expect when we went to Kenya for TOT meetings.  This was the very first training for the Foundations of Spiritual Leadership (FOSL) that I have been a part of, and I was excited to be a part of it, finally.  I was humbled to see there were many people there praying and interceding for this time.  And what followed for the next four days was a result of that dedication to prayer.  The time was rich as we were able to go deeply into the FOSL material and teach the team gathered how to see the depth of the material, how to teach others. The final day each of the people who had gathered were able to speak about “what’s next” for them, and that was also exciting. People were seeing the power of discipleship and how this FOSL material can facilitate relational time of di ...

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