The Dangers of American Education (Part 2)

October 2023

   We have a disintegrating education system that is more of an indoctrination system than anything else.  It is obvious that we are not educating our kids on what they need to be productive members of society. Learning about transgenderism and homosexuality in kindergarten is NOT educating a child, it’s grooming a child into perversion. Let’s look at the results of our ‘education system’ in Baltimore.  The last available edition of the Nation’s Report Card, released in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, showed that only 37% of grade 12 students could be considered proficient readers, according to the Department of Education's standard.

   Now, a teacher at Patterson High School in Baltimore has informed a local news outlet that 77% of students there were reading at an elementary or even kindergarten level, indicating that the nation may see a precipitous drop in the reports for 2020 and 2021.

   “They’re pushed through [grade levels],” the teacher told WBBF. “They’re not ready for the workforce. They’re not ready for further education.”

   WBBF obtained the results of the school’s i-Ready learning assessment, which confirmed the teacher’s claim. Out of 628 students tested, 484 showed a reading level proficiency equal to that of an elementary school ...

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