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Our Ministries & Mission
   Wisconsin Christian News is a 48-page, nationally-distributed Christian newspaper based in Wisconsin.  We began publishing in April of 2000, and at that time, there were more than 200 Christian newspapers being published throughout North America.  Today, we are one of fewer than a dozen left in existence.

   In every edition, readers will find information, education and inspiration — covering the most important and vital topics in the world today.  Unlike what many would expect from a “Christian” newspaper, we cover the “uncomfortable” news stories of the day and shine the light of truth on those things the mainstream media tries so desperately to hide and cover up. 

   We publish in-depth, well-researched articles by some of the best Christian writers in the country in a “relentless pursuit of the truth,” and always with a Christ-centered worldview.  This is a rare combination, indeed.  WCN is dedicated to publishing the TRUTH -- regardless of “political correctness,” standing up for America’s historical Christian heritage and urging a return to the moral standards that our country once cherished. We offer hard-hitting, thought-provoking commentary, inspired Biblical teaching, real life testimonies, vital news and information (National, World, State, Regional), and MUCH MORE.

   In addition to providing valuable content to the Christian community, our real focus is on reaching those who are lost and seeking, those who have never heard the truth, and those who have been alienated from “church” as an institution.

   You’ll find FREE copies of WCN on news racks in grocery stores, family restaurants, truck stops, bookstores, libraries, hotels and other busy public places. We can barely keep the news racks stocked each month, as so many are HUNGRY for the TRUTH!  We also supply several hundred copies to jail and prison inmates, who receive complimentary subscriptions — no cost to them. These are often used for small group and Bible studies in the jails and prisons, and inmates look forward eagerly to receiving each new issue of the newspaper.  Complimentary subscriptions are also provided for shut-ins, nursing home residents and hospital patients.

   In addition to the printed newspaper, we also maintain a heavily-used website (WisconsinChristianNews.com) which is used by people world-wide.  As the publisher, I, Rob Pue, also do a twice-weekly radio commentary, which is broadcast coast-to-coast on the VCY America radio network (VCYAmerica.org) as well as on several other independent radio stations.

   And in 2019, we launched WCN TV — a weekly internet TV program, hosted by Rob Pue and Dr. Mike Spaulding.  On WCN TV, we tackle the latest news and current world events, with notable guests who are experts on the topics we’re discussing.  Past guests have included Ray Comfort, Alex Newman, Gary Kah, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Brannon Howse, Doug Hagmann, John Whitehead, Judge Roy Moore, and Dr. George Barna, to name just a few.  WCN TV is live every Tuesday at 5 pm CENTRAL time, and can be viewed on Rumble.com or on our special TV website, WCNTV.net, where viewers can also “join the studio audience,” and then ask questions, make comments and interact with our guests.

Why Is It So Important?
   We live in unprecedented days of “cancel culture” and aggressive silencing of freedom of speech, press and religion.  Those who do not parrot the official narratives of the tyrannical Globalist regime have been persecuted, prosecuted and even jailed — for speaking or publishing TRUTH. In the midst of all this, Wisconsin Christian News has stood firm, holding to the Biblical values and righteous precepts of God’s Word — the only answer to the endless problems we all face today.  Wisconsin Christian News is a resource many rely on, not just for news, but also for the hope that we have in our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Moreover, we don’t just supply news and information — we also work tirelessly to move our readers to take ACTION, as a restraining force against all the evil in the world, occupying until He returns.  And we connect like-minded believers with one another, across the country and around the world — providing real TRUTH and real SOLUTIONS.

Is WCN Effective?
   Wisconsin Christian News is EXTREMELY effective.  Every week, we receive letters, phone calls and emails from people who have been deeply impacted by something they’ve found in our newspaper, or heard or viewed on our radio and TV broadcasts, and want to share it with others.

   Because our newspaper is freely distributed in busy public places, we’re able to reach those who would never set foot in a church, as well as those who have never been exposed to viewpoints contrary to the “offical narratives” of the mainstream media.  Whereas a Bible tract or book can easily be tossed aside and never looked at, because we are in newspaper format and because there is ALWAYS something to pique the interest of almost everyone on our front pages, people pick them up, look inside and then often find things they never knew before.  Hearts, minds and lives are profoundly changed through the thousands of copies we distribute every month.

How Does Wisconsin Christian News Continue to Operate?
   Simply put: by the grace of God!  While the majority of Christian newspapers have had to shut down, we continue to see an increase in demand for Wisconsin Christian News every single month.  Our newspapers literally “fly” off the shelves very quickly each time we release a new edition.  Because once again, the world is STARVING for the TRUTH.  (Amos 8:11). We keep our public distribution copies FREE because this is our outreach mission.

   The vast majority of our copies are given away for free in public news racks.  You can also order a paid subscription and get WCN in the printed version delivered to your door; an online membership, or both.  However, as we have done our best to maintain the lowest possible cost on subscription rates, subscriptions really only cover the cost of printing and postage, plus a modest $5 per year “margin” on each subscription, which goes toward our expenses.

   We do have advertising in our newspaper, but that comes nowhere close to covering the costs of producing WCN.  We also do our best to make the cost of advertising in WCN as low as possible and never turn anyone away because of the cost.  In fact, what we receive for ad space is much less than it costs us to print it. Now, if we were simply a “non-offensive,” publication, filled with fluff, poetry and recipes, we’d no doubt have many more paying advertisers.  But we’d also become ineffective.  We’d become “salt that has lost its savor,” and therefore truly “good for nothing, but to be thrown out and trampled under the feet of men.”  So some years back, the Lord prompted us to seek help from our readers, so that we could continue. Today we are nearly 100% reader-supported, and truly, without the financial support of the readers who understand and appreciate the importance of this mission, we would have had to close down many years ago.

The Critical Need
   As you can imagine, the costs to produce Wisconsin Christian News have grown enormously over the years.  In fact, our costs have continued to rise every single month for the past three years.  At our printing plant, we are the largest publication they produce, with 48 pages and thousands of copies, our press run increasing monthly.  The basic costs have risen steadily, but in addition to that, we’re now also paying surcharges on everything it takes to produce the printed newspaper — the newsprint paper, the truck that delivers the newsprint paper to the printing plant, the printing plates, the ink, and the labor for the entire press crew.  So each month, we have a staggering bill to pay to cover the cost of producing Wisconsin Christian News.

   Some have suggested we go to “online only,” which would save a great deal of money.  However, if we stop producing the print version, we lose our entire outreach. Going “online only” would mean only those specifically looking for Wisconsin Christian News on the internet would ever find it.  We must maintain the print version, because it reaches untold thousands of people every month, who otherwise would never get the resources we provide.

   In addition to the cost of printing, there are also many other expenses involved in maintaining our ministries here.  Postage and shipping, transportation of the copies to news racks and distributors, travel expenses, maintaining computer equipment, computer software and software subscriptions, costs to maintain the office, office supplies, costs to maintain the internet and website, costs to produce the TV and radio programs, the cost to rent space in public news racks, the office phone, news sources, and stock photo licensing, just to name a few.  

   While we freely give all we can to provide our resources to as many as possible, it costs real money to do that, and so we need YOUR help in order to continue — and Lord willing, even continue to grow this ministry outreach as the demand increases.

The Purpose Of This Fundraiser
   Asking for money is something I really do not like to do, but it has become a necessary part of the work now, as costs continue to rise, and advertising revenue continues to fall far short of the needed funding.  For nearly 25 years, we’ve lived on a one-day-at-a-time basis, walking in faith and trusting in the Lord’s provision.  And as God has ordained this ministry, He has also sustained it — but He’s done that through YOU — His people.

The Real Numbers
   The actual cost to maintain the work we’re doing is a minimum of $20,000 each month; keep in mind that this number has continued to rise a little bit each month for the past three years.  Currently, we have a total of $6,125 that we’re reasonably certain we can count on coming in each month.  As God supplies all our needs, through His people, we are usually  able to cover the expenses in a timely manner. However, there are many months where we fall far short of the need.  This makes it very difficult to establish a working budget, and sometimes bills must be prioritized and are paid later than we would like.  

We’re Asking For YOUR Support
   Christian radio and TV stations usually do “share-a-thons” either monthly or quarterly to raise the funds needed to maintain their ministries.  We do not have the option of 24/7 broadcasting to do such an event.  Nor do we want to incur the expenses of a “Fundraiser Dinner” or other event to seek your help.  In all things, we do our utmost to keep our expenses to the bare minimum (which is also why this is coming to you as either an email or as a flier printed on regular copy paper in black & white, instead of a fancy, full-color glossy one).

   We realize supporting our ministry work would be a sacrifice, and also that there are MANY great ministries that need financial assistance, and so we ask for help only when it’s absolutely necessary to do so.  But that time is now, and we ask that you carefully and prayerfully seek the Lord’s guidance and commit to being a part of the WCN family of regular, monthly supporters.

   We need to raise roughly another $15,000 in regular monthly financial contributions, which seems like an impossible goal, but with God, all things are possible.  If only a small percentage of those who receive and read WCN every month for free would give $25, $50, $100 or more — on a regular monthly basis — to make sure this ministry can remain financially secure and maintain a firm foundation for growth, we could easily meet that goal.

   Of course, we’re grateful for all contributions our friends and supporters send us, even if it’s only a one-time donation.  If you’re only able to send a one-time donation, that would be sincerely and truly, greatly appreciated.  But in order to establish a working budget and remove the burden of having to “find” the needed funds every month, we really hope many of you will step out in faith and commit to sending a set amount on a monthly basis, so we can close the gap between what we can currently count on each month and what is needed each month.

   Donations to Wisconsin Christian News are NOT tax deductible.  WCN is NOT a 501c3 organization, and we never want to be, because we don’t want the government entanglements such a system would bring with it, and we never want to be limited as to what we can publish, broadcast and print — the truth must not be silenced.

How to Help Today
   If you would like to join us in this effort, you can make a one-time donation by mail by filling out the form on the next page and mailing it in to the address at the bottom.  Or, go online to: WisconsinChristianNews.com/donations.php 

   NOTE: For security reasons, there is not a way to do recurring monthly donations on our website.  If you would like to partner with us in this mission and become a regular monthly donor, simply fill out the form on the next page, and send it in with your credit or debit card information, or you can send a monthly check in the mail.  ANY amount will be truly helpful and greatly appreciated as we work toward this urgent goal to reach our monthly financial obligations.

   As the publisher of Wisconsin Christian News, I humbly ask you to consider helping us today.  The need is great, and ongoing... I’m talking about the need for truth and the glorious Gospel message of God’s Word.  For nearly 25 years now, I’ve been working HARD to run the race the Lord has set before me, and He has blessed the work of my hands more than I could ever have imagined. We’re truly reaching untold thousands — and very likely millions by now — nation-wide and around the world. I’m committed to steadfastly proclaiming, speaking, and publishing the truth, and now I must humbly ask that YOU come alongside and help bear the weight of the financial burden, so that we can continue.  I will continue to serve, but I need your help as you send me out in the field.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, prayerfully consider your role, and may God greatly bless you. 

Rob Pue, Publisher  •  Wisconsin Christian News

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