When Silence Is Complicity

November/December 2023

   In mid-October, Governor Evers issued a Proclamation declaring Tuesday, October 17, as “Rise Up for LGBTQ Youth Day” in Wisconsin.  This was timed to coincide with the Senate’s vote on Assembly Bill 465, the “Help Not Harm Bill.” This bill prohibits medical professionals from performing surgeries on or prescribing cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers for minors struggling with gender confusion. The Assembly had passed the bill the week before, along with the Protect Women’s Sports bills for K-12 schools and UW campuses and state tech schools.

   In part, the Governor’s proclamation said the following, quote: “there has also been a troubling increase in anti-LGBTQ legislation introduced in Wisconsin and in state legislatures across the country, including efforts to restrict life-saving healthcare for transgender and gender non-conforming kids and prohibit transgender students from participating in athletic teams that correspond with their gender-legislation and rhetoric that only harms kids’ mental health, emboldens hate and violence, and threatens the safety and dignity of LGBTQ people…and…on this occasion, the state of Wisconsin joins LGBTQ kids, families, and advocates in committing to combatting hateful rhetoric and policies that target LGBTQ kids and families and to continue working to ensure that all LGBTQ ...

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