Slavery — The Sound of Islam (Part 2)

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November/December 2023

   Slavery has always existed in Islam. In part one of “Slavery, the Sound of Islam,” I ended by explaining some types of marriages in Islam involving little girls, such as the marriage of breastfeeding babies. Thank God these abused little girls, as young as one or two years old, will not remember what these Muslim men did to them. However, the eight and nine-year-old girls will be destroyed physically, emotionally, and psychologically for the rest of their lives, especially if the “good”  Muslim husbands cause them to lose their virginity.   

   Sadly, many of these Muslim girls commit suicide because of the teachings and practices (Sunnah of Islam) of the wicked, false prophet named Mohammed. We will never call such abuse a “culture” or cultural acts because the Jews, Christians, or idol worshippers never taught or practiced such evil acts. To call it “marriage” does not make it holy in any way, shape, or form. 

   As spoils of war, Mohammed acquired many females of all ages. When Allah said, “whatever your right hand possesses,” he was telling Muslim men not to force these females to become prostitutes. However, at the same time, Allah said that if the men forced them, that Allah is “forgiving and merciful,” see Qur’an 24:33:  “… and do not compel your young females to become prostitutes if they want to keep chaste so that you seek the material of this world’s life. And whoever compels them, (to prostitution), so surely after they were compelled, Allah is forgiving merciful.” 

   The subject of slavery is a large topic. Therefore, we will examine just a few examples. First, let us look at the noble example of Mohammed which Muslims are instructed to follow. As stated in Qur’an 33:21: “Indeed, there was in the messenger of Allah, a noble example for you …” That noble example was Mohammed, who at the age of 51 married the daughter of his friend, Abu Bakr. (He later became the first successor.) Mohammed married Abu Bakr’s daughter, Aisha, when she was six years old. Mohammed was not involved with her sexually (intercourse) until she turned 9 years old. Aisha herself assured us of this information in the hadith, Sahih Muslim #1422.

   Some Muslims say that the marriage of little girls was the norm in Mohammed’s days. This is a lie from the bottom of hell because none of the companions of Mohammed during his lifetime had a six-year-old child bride. If so, we challenge Muslims to give the names of such men. Even if it was true that people practiced such evil acts, would this give Mohammed the right to do so, especially when we know that Mohammed was the “noble” example for the believers after him? Let me give you an example. In the Qur’an and in the Bible, we read about a man named Lot. What was the normal culture and practice of the city in which Lot was living? It was homosexuality. So, Muslim friends, would it have been okay for your Prophet Lot to have a boyfriend or husband and practice such immorality in his days? The answer is, absolutely not! 

   Another Muslim might say that such hadith concerning the age of Aisha are inaccurate because the Qur’an would never allow such young females who had never begun menstruation to be married. Others claim that children of that age were very mature during the days of Mohammed and that life was very different back then. Now, let us examine the words of Allah in Qur’an 65:4: “And for those of your women who despair of menstruation, if you doubt [that they may be pregnant], their prescribed waiting time is three months, as well as for those who have not yet begun menstruation (children).” 

   In the interpretation of this verse by Muslim scholars, we learn that if a man divorces his wife who is older and if he is concerned that she might be pregnant by him, Allah gave the command that an ex-wife cannot remarry for three months just in case she is pregnant by her ex-husband. However, the verse continued to say that the same three months waiting period also applies to the little children who have not yet begun menstruation. This is great evidence that Allah allows Muslim men to have sexual intercourse with their child brides who have not yet begun menstruation because how then can the husbands of these little girls question that their ex-wives are pregnant. 

   Even worse, some Muslims defend this sexual abuse by stating that this is for these girls’ protection. The men marry these girls at a young age so that they will not fall into sexual immorality which will cause them to be put to death (honor killing) according to Shariah. We read about this in Qur’an 6:151: “…And do not kill the soul which Allah forbids except with a just cause… .” 

   All Muslim scholars concur “that which Allah forbids for being killed is the Muslim soul,” and that automatically is a big problem. Why? Because according to such an interpretation, it is then lawful to kill all non-Muslims (‘Umdat al-Salik, o1.2 (2)). This can be proven in the hadith of Mohammed as written in Bukhari, volume 9, #17: “Mohammed said, ‘The blood of a Muslim cannot be shed except in three cases for murder, adultery, and the one who becomes an apostate (leaves) from Islam.’” 

   This is also a lie from the bottom of hell! Why? Because in Islam there is an even bigger problem known as female genitalia mutilation (FGM). According to Shariah, “Circumcision is obligatory...for both men and women.” (‘Umdat al-Salik, e4.3)  FGM is one of the most abusive things that little Muslim girls go through. Such practices end the sexual desires of Muslim females, and they simply become a sexual toy for men to enjoy.  

   Now, I must ask a very important question in which I will refer back to part one of this article. Why do liberals in America reject “The Sound of Freedom” movie? The answer is very simple. First, they love having our US border open, the source of human trafficking for thousands of little girls to come through the southern border. Second, liberals reject the movie because they do not want to be faced with such guilt in order that they may continue to practice such evil acts. Third, liberals love Muslims and want more Muslims in America. They want to keep the rest of America ignorant of such practices in Islam. Whenever we hear of a case of honor killing in America or FGM, the media simply looks the other way, and our liberal politicians approve of such evil acts for Muslims, as it was in Michigan in 2018 when U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman overruled a law passed by Congress. 

   Do not forget what Mr. Joe O’Biden did just last year. He brought 130,000 Muslim Afghanis to America. We realized that some of the men who came to this country as Muslim refugees brought with them their “granddaughters” at USA taxpayers’ expense to cover their traveling, food, housing, education, medical, etc.. 

   Surprise, surprise! Shocking to our eyes, these little granddaughters were not actually grandchildren but little wives. Is our government saying that this is unconstitutional for this to take place in America? The answer is simply no. Why? First, we do not want to insult Mohammed and Muslims. Second, the Democrat Party needs the votes of all Muslims in America. This is the victory ticket for their political future. 
   Have you seen the movie “The Sound of Freedom?” If not, we encourage you to do so. Have you studied about slavery in Islam? If not, please, learn more about this topic. 

Today, Muslim believers are practicing such savage acts against their own little children. If we do not get educated on this matter, tomorrow they will perform these same acts on your own little children. This may be hard for you to believe, but I kindly ask you to investigate what Muslims are doing with the thousands of child rape cases all over Europe and has already started here in America. However, none of the politicians or liberal media will mention it. Don’t forget the Scripture foretold in Hosea 4:6: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

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