Slavery — The Sound of Islam (Part 2)

November/December 2023

   Slavery has always existed in Islam. In part one of “Slavery, the Sound of Islam,” I ended by explaining some types of marriages in Islam involving little girls, such as the marriage of breastfeeding babies. Thank God these abused little girls, as young as one or two years old, will not remember what these Muslim men did to them. However, the eight and nine-year-old girls will be destroyed physically, emotionally, and psychologically for the rest of their lives, especially if the “good”  Muslim husbands cause them to lose their virginity.   

   Sadly, many of these Muslim girls commit suicide because of the teachings and practices (Sunnah of Islam) of the wicked, false prophet named Mohammed. We will never call such abuse a “culture” or cultural acts because the Jews, Christians, or idol worshippers never taught or practiced such evil acts. To call it “marriage” does not make it holy in any way, shape, or form. 

   As spoils of war, Mohammed acquired many females of all ages. When Allah said, “whatever your right hand possesses,” he was telling Muslim men not to force these females to become prostitutes. However, at the same time, Allah said that if the men forced them, that Allah is “forgiving and merciful,” see Qur’an 24:33:  “… and do not comp ...

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