The Amazing Validity Of the Word of God

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

November/December 2023

   Do you believe the Bible is The Word of GOD? Or as critics, see it to be purely a human production? Maybe, as many of you are somewhere in between, yet there is a great deal of evidence to be gleaned from the Scriptures that show GOD’s hand in creating The Great Literary Collection, called The Bible. 

   Consider, what do Esther 1:20, 5:4, 5:13 & 7:7 have in common with Exodus 3:13, 4:3, 4:14 & 4:16? If all you can think of is that they are Bible verses, please read on. Though not common knowledge, it has been known for some time that those four verses in Esther have acrostic spellings of The Hallowed Name (YHVH) to be seen only in the Hebrew texts. Of course, critics dismiss them as coincidence. However, many believers, those that even know about them, see them as designed. The Hallowed Name, “hidden” in a book which has no overt occurrence, actually not even a mention is made of GOD in that book. In other words, GOD had outwardly abandoned the Jews in their captivity in Babylon/Persia; but “hidden” as those acrostics of The Hallowed Name in the text, behind the scenes was still caring for them.
   What is an acrostic? Basically, it is a literary device, in one form, a verse or set of verses (Psalm 119) each begin with the letters going through the ...

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