The Candlelight Prayer Vigil For Grace Schara

November/December 2023

     A Candlelight Prayer Vigil was held in Remembrance of Grace Schara and her brother, Travis, on October, 13, 2023 with approximately 100 people in attendance. It was held two years after five doctors: Gavin Shokar, M.D., David Beck, M.D., Daniel Leonard, M.D., Karl Baum, M.D. and Ramana Marada, M.D., as well as two nurses: Hollee McInnis, R.N. and Alison Barkholtz, R.N. allegedly murdered Grace at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

   Prior to the beginning of the vigil, I walked around the room and asked people to share with me how they know the Scharas and why they came to the event. A very sweet lady who spoke that evening at the vigil told me, “I've known the Scharas and Grace as they came to our church. I used to be angry about the murder of Grace, but sadness and broken hearted feelings have taken over. I am broken hearted for Jesus and for Grace and what she stood for. It’s such a precious waste, she was so precious. I came tonight to be a support to Cindy and Scott. I want to declare God’s glory because that’s what Grace was about. She never wanted anything to be about herself, I know that for a fact from her baptism.” 
   Another couple told me they live next door to the Scharas’ other daughter, Jessica, and her husband, Adam, and their boys. She babysat for them when the boys were babies an ...

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