Tlaib’s Despicable Call for Genocide Warrants Harsh Censure by Congress

November/December 2023

   Rep. Rashida Tlaib made clear that she supports the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state and, therefore, a second Holocaust.

   On November 3, the Michigan Democrat published a video on X (formerly Twitter) accusing President Joe Biden of supporting genocide against the Palestinian people by supporting Israel in its conflict against Hamas.

   The Michigan lawmaker’s accusation is entirely projection. Israel has taken every step possible to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties as it defends its own citizens from the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists who massacred 1,400 Israelis — mostly civilians — on Oct. 7, and continues to hold about 240 hostages, including several American citizens, as it launches volley after volley of rockets at Israeli population centers.

   Israel has created a corridor for Palestinian civilians to flee to safety in southern Gaza and sends warnings via leaflets and phone calls to civilians near military targets.

   These are not the actions of a genocidal regime. By contrast, Hamas is trying to maximize civilian casualties on both sides of the conflict to further its political goals, even using Palestinians as human shields (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions) and hiding its military installations in hospitals, mosques, and schools, and using ambul ...

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