Does God Care? A Seasonal Perspective

January 2024

   I am writing this in hopes of encouraging those who have problems during this time of the season and to those who have the solution; to those wondering whether or not God cares and to those who profess that they know.

   Undoubtedly, the imagery that is part and parcel to this time of the year is one that is Norman Rockwellian in nature; one of peace and tranquility; one that depicts idyllic, snow blanketed scenes and warm, tender moments shared with family and friends. It is the anticipation of a bright new year unmarked by failure and disappointment.   

   However, reality significantly falls short of how artists and marketing strategists make this time of the year out to be.

   Instead of being captivated by how we would like it to be, only to be disillusioned with how it is, it would help to have perspective. We need to recognize that the poor and needy are among us all year ‘round and not just during certain designated days. We need to know that we are all susceptible to being among those who are poor and needy. We need to know that new year resolutions are rarely kept when left to our own power and that it is only when we realize how poor and needy we are spiritually and when we become new creatures in Christ that we have the ability to overcome that which would so easily beset us.   

   A ...

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