Honoring Our Husbands and Wives: Anthony & Felicia Hernandez

Complimentary Story
January 2024

   The Lord brought my wife Felicia and me together in the year 1992. We met in the 2nd grade;  we were in the same elementary class. We don’t remember the exact moment we met (I wish we did), but I always remember us being friends and our earliest memory of each other is laughing while eating hamburgers at lunch time. Fortunately, we were in the same class until the 5th grade, and again in many junior high classes. 

   In high school, we dated in our Freshman and Sophomore years and even won the “cutest couple award” out of a school with 4000+ kids. But the Lord knew best and for some dumb reason I broke up with the prettiest girl in the school. The rest of our high school friendship, we’ll just say was non-existent. 

   We both moved on....about 10 years had passed. Felicia got married and God blessed her with a daughter.  I was in a long relationship in which the Lord gave me two daughters. I speak for myself when I say I was living very worldly, and found myself getting into a lot of trouble. This is when I really started seeking the Lord and everything in my life changed. 

   It so happens (and I don’t believe in luck or coincidence but God’s constant intervening) at this time, as I was ending my relationship, Felicia was also getting a divorce. I borrowed my sister’s “myspace” and saw that Felicia was single. I certainly wasted no time. I went to the house she grew up in and thank God that her parents still lived there! Fortunately, they remembered me and were just so sweet. My future father-in-law called Felicia on the phone for me.  We spoke only for a few minutes that day. We got together about a week later and have been inseparable ever since. 

   Since then we’ve gotten married, and had a son and daughter. We live together with our five children and we have the most wonderful Christian household. 

   My wife, to this day, is my best friend.  I honestly don’t know a better person.  She keeps me grounded. She homeschools our children and I’ve gotten to see how gentle and wise of a woman she is. Her ability to learn with the kids every day is amazing and it’s awesome to watch her work. I am blessed to work from home and am always thrilled that I get to spend all day with my wife...something I will never get tired of. 

   I thank Jesus every single day for my wife. We pray together as a family every night and we are growing so much spiritually, I feel like this is what the Good Lord wanted the family to be like. My wife is active in our local church and has been such a blessing to a lot of the homeschool Moms. We have since inspired a few of our closest friends and relatives to start homeschooling their children. Something I attribute 100% to my wife — she makes it look easy!

   We met when we were 7 and I don’t even know what my life would be like without her....she certainly is a virtuous woman. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and she gets more beautiful with each passing day. I pray that my four daughters become  the same type of beautiful woman she is, and that my son finds a wife as loving as his mother. 

   I’ve literally told this story a thousand times — my wife is a part of my testimony. Without her, I would be nothing. Thank God, He has made us one flesh.  I love my wife!

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