Our Man-Made Pandemic of Anxiety

      Worry. Anxiety. Depression.  These disorders have reached pandemic proportions, afflicting people from all walks of life, worldwide. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, here in America, more than one in four adults (26%) suffer from depression or some form of major anxiety disorder, and 52% all adults take some type of anti-anxiety or anti-depression drug daily, and as more and more continue to face unprecedented challenges, the numbers are rising.
   This past year saw a marked increase in suicides — here in our country and around the world.  And for those afflicted, there is no shortage of fuel for our worry and anxiety. Today we face increasing costs of all goods and services, the ongoing Globalist agenda, threats to our Constitutional Republic, a deluge of foreign invaders on our borders, a tyrannical government machine, racial, political, and moral division, and so much more. Men, and heads of households especially, worry about paying the bills and keeping food on the table, and few are in a position to survive past their next paycheck. What will happen in the event of an emergency? Where will the money and resources come from to meet our needs and the needs of those who depend on us?
   Faced with such threats to the way of life we know and love, many are ready to give up their freedoms in exchange for Big Brother’s promise ...

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