Honoring Our Husbands and Wives -- Betty & Paul Allison

Complimentary Story
February 2024

   My Paul and I were married in January 1961 and he was in a car accident in July 2020, living only four days after that.  We had a wonderful marriage.  He lead us, all those years, to church.

   Paul was a wonderful husband and father.  Those years, we didn’t holler to each other. We had a happy home.  He was the only boy I ever loved and I was the only girl he ever loved.  We always tried to do what was pleasing to God.  We were both saved as children.

   We went to the same junior high school.  Our first date was to a hay ride with his church youth group.  Paul was thirteen years old and I was twelve.  All that is a story in itself.

   We had lots of church dates.  His family went to one Nazarene church and mine to another Nazarene church.  By the time we were sixteen, he would walk to my house and ride with us to church.  By then, we were in love and would have married but knew he had to have a job first.  When he turned eighteen, he joined the Air Force.  November 1960.  When he had a three week leave in January and had finished basic training, we were married.  (There was no sex before marriage).

   When my kids were dating years later, I told them “now don’t you do anything you are not supposed to do!”

   Paul and I had parents who taught us right.  They were not perfect.  My father was never home, but my mother was great.  I have a sister one and a half years older and a brother one and a half years younger.  Both of them were born on July 9.  I was born on December 25.

   Paul’s parents both had mental problems.  They had four kids and waited fourteen years and had four more.  We ended up raising the youngens.  When my boys were ten and twelve years old, Ed came to live with us at age eleven.  Ed was behind in school, needed all clothing and hadn’t been taught anything.  Not even to wash his hands after going to the bathroom.  I was always wanting to eat.  Ed had to learn to wait.  We had meals together as a family.  We had five teenagers at one time.

   We enjoyed our life in the USAF, for the most part.  We moved every three to five years, God bless us.  We were married in 1961 and had children in 1963, 1965, 1967 and 1970.  We loved being parents and loved seeing our children grow.  We were never close to family, until our last child was five years old and we were stationed 200 miles from our childhood home.  That was nice.  While we were there, I went to nursing school.  Up to that time, I was a stay at home mom.  That was a blessing to be able to do that.  God was so good to us.

   When Paul retired from the USAF in 1981, we moved back to the city Paul and I were raised in and married in.  Paul found work and took good care of us as always.

   Later, Paul and I became foster parents and adopted two sick babies.  Being a nurse, we had all special needs children.  Rachel had down syndrome and was very ill.  She was also a preemie and was on a ventilator for three months before we got her.  We didn’t think she would live to age one year.  With lots of love and good care, she lived and thrived.  Now she is thirty eight years old and doing well.  Another praise to God.  Paul helped so much.  When Rachel was several months old, Dan came to us, at two days old.  Also so ill.  He was a drug baby and suffered from seizures.  The first three to four months were the worst.  We quickly fell in love with him too.

   Rachel and Dan started to school, in special needs class, the day they turned three years old.  (We didn’t have foster children after we got Rachel).    What a joy raising these two too.  Our oldest of our first family was Kathy.  Kathy never married or had children.  Kathy also loved Rachel as her own.  To this day, for Kathy, it so special when she can come the two hundred miles and visit.  Now, since  I can’t drive and with Paul in heaven, Dan takes me to see Rachel often.

   Rachel is in a host home.  We all are so blessed and thankful to God for the wonderful home Rachel is in. 

   Dan is here in Lubbock, Texas, too.  He finished high school and lives on his own.  He work hard at his job.  He has his father’s good work ethic.  Again I must say “Praise God.”

   Paul is still helping to care for me with the good retirement from the USAF insurance.

   I’m in an assisted living home of only eight people.  I’m also blessed.

   Three of my children are here in Lubbock and three of my children two hundred miles away in Amarillo, Texas.  I’m eighty one.  Dan and I attend South Park Baptist Church.  Again, Dan takes me.  Dan, on his days off, spends approximately five to nine hours a week visiting me.

   Cindy and David her husband, take good care of me too.  Jesus never leaves me or forsakes me.  How blessed I am.  Paul and I were married for fifty-nine and a half years.

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