An In-Depth Look at Winter Weather Guidelines and Safety

February 2024

   Last month, much of the state was under a winter storm warning, with some areas getting a foot or more of snow. As we get further into winter, the snow fall will continue, as will the challenges that come with it. Please take some time to read some friendly reminders to help protect yourself as we move further into winter. 

City/Town/Village Ordinances
   It is important to review the ordinances where you live, and even rules that your homeowners’ association, or rental agreement may include as it relates to snow removal. While no one wants to get up extra early to shovel or snow blow their property, that is often required within a certain time of when snow has fallen. This is for overall public safety reasons. Think about the elementary aged kids who may walk past your home to get to school, or the postal workers who have to walk door to door to deliver our mail. Trudging through 4 inches of snow is frustrating to say the least, but then add a risk of slipping on top of that, and it’s a big deal. To protect our communities, municipalities have their own ordinances regarding snow removal. Keep in mind, most places require that snow and ice be removed for the entire width of the sidewalk, not just the width of one shovel.  There is not enough space to go through each area specifically, but here are the requirements for a couple of areas: 

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