Foolish Or Wise

April 2024

   It was a sunny morning on the sea of Galilee. The team of fishermen were about their usual business. Some were throwing their nets out into the water to try to catch a few more fish before the day got too hot. A couple of others were sitting in their boats carrying out the daily chore of painstakingly going over their nets, knot by knot, to check there were no holes, and when they found one, mending it with fresh twine. Most of the night’s catch had already been sent off in baskets to the market, and they were enjoying the quiet of the morning.

   Life was pretty good for these fishermen. They had a sure source of income. They enjoyed their work, and they were good at it. They should have been, because fishing ran in their blood. Their father was a fisherman, as was his father before him. So they knew their trade and were happy doing it.

   But things were about to change. The quiet of their morning was about to be interrupted as a figure appeared in the distance walking along the edge of the lake. He looked somehow familiar, though they couldn’t quite figure out why. But, as He got closer, they realized who He was. He was the preacher who’d recently begun telling people that the kingdom of God was near. He’d caused quite a stir around Galilee. There were plenty of people around there who were sick and tired of the Romans throwing their weight arou ...

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