The Cost Of Being Close to God

April 2024

   Being a Christian is a walk which, in the light of Scripture, refers to conduct. Ephesians the second chapter mentions how we once walked with the world fulfilling the lust of our flesh, and Romans the sixth chapter talks about how once we are transformed by His saving power we now walk in a new spiritually transformed identity. While these passages help explain our salvation experience, what about how we are to walk after we are saved?

   Colossians 1:10 describes our new lifestyle as a “walk worthy of the Lord” and then we notice another road sign in Ephesians chapter five saying, “Walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Since God demands for us to seek wisdom and pray for self-discipline, we should comprehend that what we say and do speaks volumes about who we are. When we leave this world, how we lived will reveal what we believed was important. Our testimony and conduct are what everyone sees, which is why it’s so important to surrender our will to be like Christ.

   Many are involved with religious works, and will raise their hand when asked if they believe in God, but does doing a good deed always prove our love for Him? Can we not manage our own desires in the name of religion? So, what is the key to walking with God in this life? What is the difference between wanting Je ...

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