Creeping Incrementalism, Gateway to Destruction

April 2024

   John Wesley once said, “that which we tolerate today, we will embrace tomorrow.”  I will add this comment to perhaps enhance the meaning and extend this statement’s importance and warning, beyond what we tolerate today and eventually embrace tomorrow, by saying this: man’s evil knows no bounds or limitations, left unchecked by righteous judgment and justice.  So, by tolerating an evil, we are promoting more evil. (Genesis 6:5, Ecclesiastes 8:11).  In Genesis 6, we see a perverted and rebellious people who sinned continually in breaking God’s laws.  We see in Ecclesiastes 8 that when evil is not punished swiftly and justly, evil spreads quickly.  And in Romans 13, we see that God created civil government to be His minister (deacon) to punish evil doers and to praise the good.

   As we mentioned in the opening statement by John Wesley and read in Ecclesiastes 8:11, evil, (sin), left unchecked and unpunished, only leads to more evil which becomes tolerated, then embraced, which leads to even worse evil.  And the cycle is repeated over and over until either the righteous rise up to destroy the evil, or evil finally destroys society!  And then we all face God’s final judgment on a wicked and lukewarm people! (Psalm 9:17)

   Mankind’s arch enemy, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, or the serpent, as he is ofte ...

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