Justified & Acceptable Theft

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

May 2024

   Exodus 20:15, “Thou shalt not steal!”

   Except when it becomes legal, and justified by man’s law and/or government, and then of course it’s okay.  It becomes okay in just about anybody and everybody’s minds.  Even those who say they are followers of Christ and who say they follow His Kingdom’s law system.  Through ignorance, greed (covetousness), or apathy, we have a society and nation that now accepts stealing as an acceptable way of doing business, and a part of everyday lives.

   The American people have become so brainwashed by the government state-controlled schools, and by a controlled all-inclusive news and entertainment media, that we have “learned” to, at first tolerate, then accept and now demand our god’s (state’s) legal “benefits” by thievery!  We no longer call it stealing!   We call it “paying our fair share,” spreading the wealth around, giving to the “needy.”  It makes no difference that the funds needed to fulfill the desires and “needs” of others was coveted (stolen) by force from someone who lawfully earned them.  It’s okay because our new “god,”  our provider, our protector, our refuge and strength, the State, made the thievery legal!

   After all, we “freely” elected people to office to “represent”  us and to look out for us.  I mean, that’s why we voted for them wasn’t it?  To become our “lord and overseer?”  The “state” has become our “god” who watches over us instead of God Himself.  (Psalm 46:1, Matthew 6:33).  Even though it’s contrary to God’s Holy and righteous law: it’s okay, our new god, the state said so!

   Theft is still theft whether it’s done with a gun or by a “law” of man!  There are no exceptions, and no excuses for stealing!  Although the Bible says it can be “understandable” in some cases, (Proverbs 6:30-31) it is still sin!  Even when done “legally” and taken by force! (Exodus 20:17, I Timothy 6:10, Mark 10:19, Ephesians 4:28, Colossians 3:5) to covet, even legally, is idolatry!  Covetous: Strongs - N.T. 4123, 4124 - “defrauding, greediness, desire more.” 

   Now, for you who do not believe in the true God (Yahweh, Jehovah) or His word, given as our instruction book and law to follow,  I will address briefly the documents that millions reach out to for protection and guidance for our nation.  The one enshrined in The National Archives of our nation’s capitol, the one so many respect and revere, and to a “limited” degree, it’s worthy of it, the ones we know as the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

   Again, Hosaiah 4:6-7 is very applicable to America.  Just as with most Christians and the study of the Bible, very few have ever totally read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, much less studied them.  If they did, they would soon discover that nowhere in these so called “sacred” documents are there to be found any basis for America’s system of “legal” thievery!  Nowhere will you find man, or his government, given the authority to make a “law” that makes it okay to steal from anyone for any reason!  Quite the contrary!  Prove me wrong if you can.  Biblically or Constitutionally.

   Let us face the real truth today, folks!  Very few could long exist without the practice of legal thievery!  I am no exception. Because of the knowledge I have been blessed with, and willing to accept, I could do better, and survive longer than many, but it would be very difficult!  The majority of young people couldn’t come close to surviving on their own without resorting to thievery and violence!  Without our new “god’s” provision, society would melt into a violent mass of chaos!

   Americans have learned to accept and embrace social orders that people hated and sought to destroy in our nation’s early years.  Through the “dumbing down” of our society, we now readily accept and even demand socialism and total communism!  America has become unredeemable as far as moral or righteous liberty and freedom are concerned!  People don’t understand or even remotely comprehend what the concept of true liberty and freedom are!  Although we call out for it!  Even though we claim we have it, we haven’t  the faintest idea of what it truly is!  Real liberty and freedom requires and demands a level of responsibility that most are not prepared to accept!  It would scare them to death!

   So, let’s accept the facts stated above for what they are, and continue to do what we can to protect the few “privileges” we have left that our god, the state, grants us and warn the people of God’s righteous judgment on individuals and nations!  Tell them about the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ!  Fight the good fight of faith!  Continue on well doing!  Do not give up!  (Proverbs 24:10, Galatians 6:9).  

   We may have been deceived into an earthly tyranny, but by His grace and mercy we can dwell as free people in His Kingdom now and for eternity!

-Pastor Butch Paugh,
Nettie, WV

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