Our Love & Worship Of God

May 2024

   Most of us have heard the 1969 song, “More Today than Yesterday” by the band Spiral Staircase. The chorus says, “I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.” I had not heard it for a while, but I’m sensitive to music and often a song will trigger my emotions and then I start asking the Lord about what is the hidden message within the music. It’s a catchy tune that has a happy bounce to it, much like what someone feels when they are in love. However, despite this song being listed as what is called, a “one-hit wonder,” it has a powerful spiritual consideration that goes far beyond the idea of two young people daydreaming about each other.

   I thought of our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and wondered why we do not think about God as this song talks about being infatuated with another human. What a powerful declaration to tell God that our love for Him will grow stronger each day. The concept of falling in love with God and then building and progressing in our intimate relationship with Him is not in the same category as going through the motions of a religious ritual. The measuring of our fervency is mentioned in God’s Word as hot being filled with the Holy Spirit, while the lethargic attitude is commonly referred to as lukewarm, and the backslidden state where we have drifted far away from God is depicted as bein ...

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