A New Wardrobe From Colossians 3

May 2024

   When you are cold, you put on an additional shirt, jacket, or coat.  The opposite is true when you are warm.  You will tend to take off a layer of clothing.  Often in either situation, you do not spend a lot of time thinking about doing what needs to be done because you have done this frequently.

   This is the picture we are given when we read Colossians 3:7-14.  At one point in your life, you hopefully have made Jesus your Savior, trusting Him to forgive you of your sins and believing, trusting that He has forgiven you and asking Him to change your mind and heart as He takes up residence in your life.  

   Before having this new relationship with Jesus, you did things that were wrong and hurtful.  The way you talked, what you thought of others were uncaring, mean, tearing down of others.  Now with this relationship with Jesus, you are told to literally take off those old things your thought, said and did, that were wrong and spiteful to others.  Just as you take off a layer of clothing when you are warm, picture yourself taking off the clothing of anger, terrible thoughts, the lies, and ways you treated others.  

   In your mind, now picture putting on a new shirt, sweatshirt or jacket that is full of good, like positive words, thoughts and actions toward others.  You are putting on a jacket that i ...

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