Natural Family Month — A Simple Solution

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May 2024

   Mother’s day and ending on Father's day annually? You know, “one biological born man and woman in a lifelong committed, monogamous relationship with their children — biological or adopted”. Let’s call that a “best practice” or how about an “ideal” family situation, if you will. This, instead of our current feel good, experimental, anything goes paradigm when it comes to the family, leaving too many children stuck without one or even both of their parents.

   Consider this please.  When we alter the historic best family practice there’s undeniable evidence that children will be less likely to be a problem in society. It is a known fact that children who are brought up in natural family environments live happier, more productive lives, have less mental illness and drug usage, etc. The list goes on and yes there are no guarantees of success in life but a natural family environment certainly makes it more likely.   If you need further living proof visit any prison inmate about their family life. I rest my case.

   But wait, an entire month for the concept of natural family? C’mon man, maybe a day — but a month?  You’re asking for way too much!  Ok, maybe but first let’s take a quick look at our current American Celebration Calendar with an eye on one item, the Gay/LGBTQ + identity crowd.

   For instance, did you know that when it comes to this trending sexual rage, there are no less than 75 LGBTQP+  affirming celebrations, be it a day, a week and/or month of the year? This includes multiple celebrations every month of the year with five of those entire months being declared as some version of a “Gay Pride” month.  The bottom line is that there is a celebration taking place every month for a group that accounts for less than 10% of the population.

   In a recent conversation with a gentleman who took exception to our Natural Family Month, it was suggested that a Natural Family month was just a “made up” thing. Forgetting, of course, it wasn’t until quite recently that we started officially celebrating “exceptional sexual behaviors” with their recent made up month-long celebrations as well. And of course there is no “perfect family” anyway. Yes of course but when we focus on a best practice everyone wins, right?

   Just the “simple” facts ma’am.

   Folks, we’re making things a lot harder than they really need to be, especially when it comes for our children. Celebrating a historical and evidence-based best practice not only makes sense but it is a positive approach. An approach which leaves the advocates of sexual anomalies scratching their heads wondering why we are not complaining like we usually do. In fact it actually puts them in the complainer’s corner. Oops!

   And for the record, a Natural Family celebration is the most inclusive event there could ever be because it includes every human who has been born.

   So it’s really quite simple. Instead of complaining about the darkness, why not instead light a candle starting on May 12 by celebrating the Family as supported by “the laws of nature and natures God?”  Amen?


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