What Began in the Garden is on Steroids Today

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June 2024

   On September 20, we released a national press release documenting the claim in the title.  Today I’ll briefly discuss Part 5 of the research – What Began in the Garden is on Steroids Today.  

   This research project can hopefully be used for God’s glory to wake people up. The seven parts follow the way we should investigate to find the truth: Who, What, Where, Why, When, How, and Now What. I hope you enjoy the series. The detailed research is posted on the home page at https://ouramazinggrace.net/Medical%20Murder/introduction.  Each part has a related monocast that is designed to give you a taste and hopefully motivate you to dig deeper.  For the next two issues, I’ll similarly introduce the remaining parts of the series.

   Think about it.  People are too expensive; the planet doesn’t have enough resources.  If Satan is successful at selling these lies, what we see happening in real-time fits like a glove. 

   Long before COVID, even the CDC recognized that ‘medical malpractice’ was the third leading cause of death – heart disease 700,000; cancer 600,000; medical malpractice 400,000 annual deaths.  There is legitimate malpractice – negligence due to human error.  God used Grace’s murder to wake me up.  1,200,000 hospital murders in 39 months!  The U.S. was #1 in hospital deaths during the COVID era, with India (with 4X the population) a distant #2, with 531,000 deaths.  All these deaths can’t be malpractice.

   What’s going on?  During COVID, the U.S. directly incentivized protocols designed to kill.  Why?  The ultimate source is the Satanic agenda, which I covered in Part 4.  The excuse the bureaucrats use is money.  People are too expensive.  There are 135,000,000 Americans on Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid and the cost is over 50% of the annual federal budget.  At an annual cost of $35,000/person, you can see why ‘elderly’ and ‘disabled’ were the first and second causes of hospital deaths during COVID.  The average COVID incentive was $100,000 paid to hospitals, so there was a three-year payback to the government!

   How has Satan orchestrated these lies?  In the garden, Satan convinced Eve that what God called her not to do, was not as bad as God said, preying on her pride by tricking her into believing that ‘less evil’ is ‘good.’  He has masterfully used ‘evil’ versus ‘less evil’ dialectics to give us the illusion of choice, as the deception method of choice in his attempt to control mankind and steal souls.  He orchestrates both sides of each sinful path.  I’ll share two examples next.

   With this reality in mind, look at Medicare and Medicaid through the lens of the evil versus less evil satanic dialectic deception.  It is evil to not take care of the elderly and disabled.  Both of these bureaucracies were started in 1965 to “help” these groups with a less evil plan.  Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the country’s most influential bioethicists and a prime architect of Obamacare, summarized the government’s unofficial position toward these individuals in 1996 when he stated that health care “services provided to individuals who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens are not basic and should not be guaranteed.”  Our own people are too expensive while we write blank checks to Ukraine and Israel.  When you see the satanic depopulation plan, you become awake to the original goal — trap the elderly and disabled to drastically reduce these two population groups.  How? We are duped by “free” medical care and become blind to the reality that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) writes Standards of “Care” (SOC) for the entire country.  SOC hasten our deaths and hastening death is murder.  ‘Less evil’ is still evil.

   Moving on to the vaccine agenda.  We would all agree that mandating shots is evil.  What does less evil look like?  The slogan of the medical freedom advocates is: “Where there is risk, there must be choice.”  Do we really have a choice?  We do, but think about the programming of the family practitioners and SOC promoting vaccines.  Then consider parents, programmed to drop their kids off for free babysitting at the public fool system, are required to have their kids take 80 shots to enter the indoctrination centers.  The problem with the ‘choice’ argument is much deeper; if we accept this ‘less evil’ alternative, we’ve already submitted to the lie that vaccines are an acceptable SOC.  Many of the people you’ve come to trust in the alternative medicine arena have been trapped by the ‘choice’ deception.

   Only God is good, and His way is always outside of these tactics.  In the case of the disabled and the elderly, government involvement doesn’t fit with God’s order.  Similarly, the entire vaccine PSYOP ignores that God said we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

   Now what?  How do we prepare?  There are always two mistakes we can make, relative to preparation.  First, failing to prepare; second, relying on our preparations – we rely on the finished work of Jesus Christ.  When our own government has become a serial killer, preparation should be obvious.  Use your critical thinking.  Of course, you want to understand advocacy and informed consent to combat medical murder, which is the lane I’m representing.  More importantly, there’s never been a more urgent time to share the Gospel and do an inventory of your own Biblical roots – so you can stand firm when the time comes.  There’s nothing to fear.  As Grace would say, “God’s got this, dad.”  He is not sitting and panicking when Satan orchestrates these things.  He warned us ahead of time.  

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